The platform

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Europe is not rocket science is a multimedia, interactive and intergenerational operation focused on Europe and dedicated to children, teenagers and young adults, parents and grandparents.

The web platform is one of the elements of the national operation, which also includes an exhibition, a memento and some regional events.

By immersing Internet users in the European topics of their interest, the video series Europe is not a witchcraft is based on an essential question that Fred asks Romain in Ok Coach ! : What would you like to share with other Europeans in the upcoming years? The question becomes viral and every time someone answers Fred, a journalist, somewhere in Europe, investigates the subject for the person who asked it and for all Internet users.

The operation is produced by Graine d’Europe, which combines its initiative of raising awareness towards Europe with the philosophy of the programme “C’est pas sorcier” to create the concept “L’Europe c’est pas sorcier”, in partnership with FranceTVEducation and the European Commission.