The European Commission has been a partner of My European City network as part of Europe for Citizens programme / a partner of My roots, France and Europe with the programme Erasmus + / as well as a partner of L’Europe c’est pas sorcier


From 2016 to 2019, The Eurpean Parliament as been a partner of 6 seconds for Europe.

The French Ministry of foreign affairs is partner for Europe c’est pas sorcier.


The Région Pays de la Loire has supported the awareness raising activities led by Graine d’Europe since 2005 as well as other activities in European networks.


The Departmental Council of Loire-Atlantique is partner in Graine d’Europe’s work with secondary schools in the area. It also supports Graine d’Europe’s links with partners from Europe and European networks.


The Departmental Council of Ille-et-Vilaine has recently launched a new programme about Europe for secondary schools in the area.


Nantes Métropole, partner since 2008!


Thanks to the Hippocrène Foundation for its support of L’Europe c’est pas sorcier and Europe in Motion.



France Télévisions Distribution, partner of L’Europe c’est pas sorcier. is an important partner for Graine d’Europe’s special events.


Euradionantes has been partner for differents actions.


Nantes.tourisme, one of Graine d’Europe’s first partners, partner of My European City.


Nantes Just Imagine, thanks for the pics!



…And for the other activities, other partners are, or have been :  Centre Wallonie Bruxelles, Drac des Pays-de-la-Loire, Ville de Nantes, Crij, Maisons de l’Europe, Ville du Mans, Ville de Caen, Université de Caen, Patrimoine Yonnais, Centre de Communication de l’Ouest, Europa, Xena, Mioritics, Polites, Genista Research Foundation, Fondation Iasi – European Capital of Culture, El Tranvia, Office International de la Jeunesse, Familles rurales, Initiativa, Art Club Heroes, Kinobus, IKS, Nottingham City Council, Arad municipality, Jelgava municipality, Rozaje municipality, Cita Riga, Uzor, Romski akdemski Klub, European Institute of Cultural Roads, AIOS, Sedina, the University of Padova, the Bus Bavard, the region of western Pomerania, Orange Foundation in Poland, Mioritics, AJTS, AVTS, the national theatre Radu Stanca, the resource centre of the Cultural Roads in Sibiu,  Xena, the Province of Padua, the City Council of Padua, Via travel, Zaino viaggi…