Visit the European city of Nantes 2

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of yesterday and today has been reviewed, reorganized, recolored and updated.

The 2-hour tour in the centre of Nantes brings an original European perspective on the city’s culture, economy, politics, architecture…. The visit gives a new and up-to-date look at this constantly developing space.

The first feedback from the public, schoolchildren, tourists, Loire Valley residents, French-speaking, English-speaking… are very diverse and positive! The astonishment is common to all: “How could this European dimension of the city not have been realized before this visit? »

Suitable for different levels of education or language used, the visit and its pedagogy are designed to answer daily questions from Europeans aged 9 to 99 without even being able to formalise them.

Do not hesitate any longer, explore Nantes like you have never seen it before and let yourself be carried away by this European city beyond what you already know!

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