The short movies “Tell me what’s your heritage” are online !

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Last week , the young directors from the project “Tell me what’s your heritage!” were filming Europe in their region !

They met each other for the first time fifteen days ago. Aged 18 to 26, all different but with a common goal : to discover and share their opinion on european heritage. They went all over their region and selected what part of their discovery they wanted to highlight in their movies. In the company of Europe experts, scriptwritters, directors and producers, they created, produced and edited from A to Z short films revealed to you today.

The personality and the creativity of each team enable the creation in 8 days of original, unique and varied movies.

Have a look at those four pieces of work :
Flash Runner_Patrimoine Nantes_Europe_Photos
Grain Pourri_Patrimoine angevin_Europe_Bonnezeaux
Leopold Roncenoir_Patrimoine Laval_Europe_Enquête
Making-off_Le Mans_Patrimoine_Europe

Bonus : Behind the scenes of the action “Tell me what’s your heritage” !

This action is coordinated by Graine d’Europe as part of the My European City network, funded by La Région Pays de la Loire, the Departmental Council of Mayenne, the Departmental Council of Sarthe, the city of Nantes, and accompanied by project partners : La Maison de l’Europe en Mayenne, the city of Laval, La Maison de l’Europe Le Mans-Sarthe, Les Jeunes Européens.

Thank you to the city of Angers, La Maison de l’Europe à Nantes, La Maison de l’Europe Angers Maine et Loire, the CIED Vendée.

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