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The European partners from the My European City network came together for their Innovation Meeting. You were invited to join them to discover and celebrate the ideas which are bursting from this network at the APÉRO’PÉEN!

The concept: A festive evening where you were surrounded by artists from all over Europe as well as digital art installations.

100 of you attended the event and felt a sense of Europe thanks to this cultural effervescence.

A big thank you to Mihaï Trestian and his trio of traditional eastern European music, to Carine Cottineau and her ‘flamencorientale’ dance, to Arthur D’haeyer and his team who listened to and sketched our experiences and our dreams, to Irina Panait and her innovative way of painting, to Noémie Jehanne who expressed your feelings and thank you to all of the volunteers for making the APÉRO’PÉEN happen.

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© photo Marcus Bell/Studio Impressions