A mind map of Europe

With one or two hosts playing with Europe as well as with mind map Workshop                                                                                                          Date: according to the particpating group’s project

Organize its ideas to represent itself better and pass on Europe

Europe map is a participative workshop of visual transcription of the representation which have the participants of Europe and their European citizenship. The objective is to make become aware to the participants of their place as European citizens and to allow them to appropriate this citizens’ role. Together, the participants find a way common and simple to summarize and to pass on how they are situated as citizens in Europe and within the European Union.

The stages of the workshop are the following ones: brainstorming collective/games of pictograms/exercise of memorization/mapping in subgroups/exchange between the groups on the realized maps/conclusion and general return.

According to the project, the workshop can be directed to a precise theme and the language of communication can vary!

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