Kit for peace

Generations of European citizens are fortunate enough to have known Europe in a time of peace. It’s all they have ever known. However some may not always realise the effort that is needed to keep this peace. But, regrettably, there a rise in extremist movements in Europe today, and at the same time, some groups are still striving to save their right to freedom. So, using the example of the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, Graine d’Europe and the partners of Kit for Peace will remind these generations that working towards a feeling of “Europeaness” by each individual and the commitment of each of its citizens which will ensure peace in the future.

The 9th November, the fall of the Berlin wall is commemorated. How does this remarkable historical event still have relevance today? Using how people interpret “Europe” in France, Germany, Portugal, Latvia and Croatia, Graine d’Europe will launch a programme to produce a kit about the role of each European citizen in peace-keeping in Europe.

This kit will target public and professional audiences (formal and non-formal education) and will raise awareness about our individual roles as European citizens in contributing to peace in Europe.

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