My roots, France and Europe

Whatever are my origins, if I lived in France, my cultural horizon is European! The project ” Mes origines, la France l’Europe ” allows 10 young inhabitants of Nantes to open to other cultures and to become aware of the European cultural and professional universe which surrounds them.

Les Frenchies en Croatie (2015)

 In 2015, 8 French young people from 18 to 23 years old left for Croatia, the main objective was to give the opportunity to the young participants to widen their personal and professional universe around their focus, to discover a country of the European Union. After his return, the group participated in actions of transmission of experience.

” Les Frenchies en Croatie ” is the multiplier effect of the project 2014 ” Mes origines, la France, l’Europe #1″, intercultural exchange in Croatia with young Roma.

Intercultural meeting for the tolerance and the European citizenship ( 2014 )

In 2014, 30 young French people, Croats and Slovenes from 16 to 20 years old also left for Croatia. Together, they led a reflection on the identity, the tolerance to minorities, the equality man / woman, the rights of the citizens in Europe …

Graine d’Europe, which is partner of this project, chose to involve the young inhabitants of Nantes of three districts there by making them participate before the departure in several setting-up times to arrest better the intercultural meeting in Croatia. On its return, the group had passed on its experience during time of exchanges and school and not school debates.

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